People Die, but Long Live GitHub.


github-pages 必须公开仓库,才能生效。

Github 高级搜索


Demo: 查找秒杀

seckill in:name # 项目名包含秒杀
seckill in:description # 项目描述包含秒杀
seckill in:readme # 项目 readme 包含秒杀
seckill in:readme,name,description # 组合搜索

stars / forks


springboot stars:>=5000 # 注意不要有空格
springboot forks:>=5000 #
springboot forks:100..200 stars:80..100 # 之间

代码高亮 #L

63 行到 82 行代码高亮

项目内搜索 t

在 GitHub 仓库页面,按 t 键,在项目内进行搜索



awesome springboot
awesome 南航计算机考研

GitHub 官方信息


Feature Areas

The following is a list of our current product areas:

  • code: Code experiences (Repositories, Pull Requests, Gists)

  • planning: Planning and tracking tools (Issues, Projects)

  • code-to-cloud: Code-to-cloud DevOps (Actions, Packages)

  • collaboration: Collaboration features (Pages, Wikis, Discussions)

  • security & compliance: Code security and compliance features

  • admin-server: Administrative features specific to GitHub Enterprise Server

  • admin-cloud: Administrative features specific to GitHub Cloud

  • community: Community and social features

  • ecosystem: Ecosystem and API features

  • learning: Education and learning features

  • insights: Continuous learning and insights features

  • client-apps: Client applications (Desktop, Mobile)

  • other: Other features


The following is a list of our current features and products, with distinct labels for filtering:

  • actions: GitHub Actions

  • docs: GitHub Docs

  • packages: GitHub Packages

  • pages: GitHub Pages


当前,Github Actions 是 Github 的重点,GitHub Actions 是 Code-to-Cloud 的一种实现。


Webhooks allow external services to be notified when certain events happen. When the specified events happen, we’ll send a POST request to each of the URLs you provide. Learn more in our Webhooks Guide.


GitHub 周边软件

  • Gitpod

    Gitpod is an open-source Kubernetes application providing fully-baked, collaborative development environments in your browser - powered by VS Code. Tightly integrated with GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket, Gitpod automatically and continuously prebuilds dev environments for all your branches.

    一个在线的 VSCode,与 Github 紧密集成在一起。缺点:加载很慢,不太好用。


  • 尝试对加密过的文本,进行解密:Ciphey

  • 开源项目讲解:Article

  • 软件测试:how they test

  • 黑客帝国终端模拟器特效:edex-ui

  • running_page

    国产的跑步数据管理软件,可以备份 Nike、Runtastic(Adidas Run)、佳明的 gpx 跑步数据,生成个人的跑步主页。


  • react-chrono

    React 的时间轴组件

  • socialify

    generating a beautiful project image

To do

  • Web Hook